The fun approach

to inner-healing, happiness

 and High-Level SELF-CONFIDENCE!


 It’s Time to Meet THE REAL YOU. Step into her.    

 It’s Time to Recognise Your Own Beauty.


As a trained Mindset & Life Coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Root Cause Therapist…

..specifically serving women that are ambitious, kind-hearted, sensitive, creative and empaths..

that can relate and understand YOU as I have REAL WORLD, LIVED EXPERIENCE having undergone my own inner-healing journey and mindset & lifestyle Transformation which I infuse into my coaching..

Balancing practicality with faith and spirituality for a wholesome and integrated approach..

I help you to tap into your authenticity and true self so you can reclaim back your power and find joy, inner-peace, wisdom and happiness within, thus becoming Highly Self-Esteemed and Self-Confident in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

– Master your MINDSET, and..


 – Heal your relationships

(deepen your connection with self and others)

-Gain clarity, courage, inner-strength,             strategy and motivation to pursue..

                                  ..WORK YOU LOVE

-Discover your purpose

-Design a life on your terms  

– Improve your happiness & wellbeing















JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ON INSTAGRAM : #shiftshareshine Our philosophy to wellness and lifestyle with the goal of attaining peace of mind, self-esteem and confidence is simple:

Shift your perspective and lifestyle habits, Share your truth and authenticity AND Shine your light unapologetically by owning your passions and pursuing your goals and dreams.

We embrace the mantra of this quote:

 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

Transform your mind, transform your life

  1. Ready to UPLEVEL





Consider yourself
a highly sensitive empath?

Babe, are you..



Unsure of how to create the life you really want? Lack motivation and self-belief?




You’re in the right place. It’s time to change all that. I’m here to help 🙂


It’s time to discover the peace and joy that comes with learning to trust yourself rather than trying to meet others expectations.


If you feel like you are living life from the sidelines and simply exisiting more than truly living, you’re in the right place! If you often feel second best, alone in how you feel, underappreciated for all your efforts, confused and left out, I hear you & I see you! No wonder your self-esteem and confidence has become low! C’mon, give yourself some grace, you deserve better than that!

“Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know before you learned it” – Maya Angelou

Now, here’s the good news:

 You were NOT born to “fit in”..


You were not born to blend in with the crowd. Baby girl, when we try to “blend in” we lose our sparkle and unique flavour to our personality and our lives become boring and bland, and the reason I believe you’ve landed here (either consciously or by chance) is because deep down you know that’s not who you truly are or the life you want to live. You are unique and you want to live a life of peace, joy and impact that is memorable!


GLOW UP, learn to love yourself, embrace your dreams, your power, and who you really are, BE HAPPY!

Hey babe! Welcome to HEYRENEY, your oasis for everything self-help and personal improvement!

NOW is your time to stop playing small and holding yourself back from pursuing your goals, dreams and PURPOSE and creating a life you love. If you’re ready to commit to taking action and GAIN massive clarity, life direction and mental and emotional joy & freedom, read on!

My name is Renee and I am a Mindset and Life Coach for kind hearted and ambitious women who struggle with low self-esteem and self-confidence and desire to create a meaningful life they love.

(Hugs! I know how you feel, as I’ve been there too!) Now I’m out the other side to be your guide 😉

I SUPPORT & GUIDE women to overcome self-doubt, self-comparison, a lack of self-love, self-esteem and self-worth, fear, negativity, overthinking, anxiety and  emotional overwhelm, that are committed to their personal betterment, life goals and happiness.

I SPECIALISE IN Transformational, Empowered Thinking, Healthy Self-Esteem & HIGH LEVEL SELF-CONFIDENCE..

I HELP YOU to get “mentally unstuck”, motivated and inspired, so you can finally learn to love, accept & approve of yourself & become Highly Self-Confident.

I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT mental health, holistic well-being and living a healthy and fit lifestyle; creating a life on your terms with purpose, impact & meaning. 

MY PURPOSE IS to inspire, support and celebrate incredible women to love, accept and honour themselves, develop high level self-esteem and confidence, step into their full potential and create balance in all areas of their lives so they can find deep peace & fulfillment and feel excited for life!

Some of my


“Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy”

– Suzy Kassem

“Be yourself; because everyone else is already taken”

– Oscar Wilde

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Some points of

– There is always hope

-Everything in life is a lesson or a blessing

-We are each responsible for our experiences

– You need to feel your emotions to heal

-There is always an answer 

-You can turn your life around and turn your pain into your purpose

-I believe we were all born with unique strengths, gifts, abilities, skills and talents

-We all have a purpose, be it big or small, yet still significant

-We either live by design though intentionality or by default on autopilot

-Addictions represent an escape from unacknowledged and unaddressed pain

-Your past does not define your future, your choices made today does

-God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called

-Everyone is doing the best with what they have, otherwise they would do better

-To meet THE REAL YOU is the one of the greatest personal achievements and acts of courage as the biggest regret of the dying is living life to everyone elses expectations but their own.

-Transformational, Empowered Thinking frees you mentally, emotionally and physically.

-People are a product of their childhood conditioning, upbringing and environment

– Clarity breeds truth, connection, conviction, self-esteem and confidence

-What you seek is also seeking you


I believe THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE no matter how dire a situation looks. I believe spiritually and with faith, God can make a way where man can’t, and often we simply cannot see the sun for the clouds, not because the sun doesn’t exist but because our minds are too clouded with fears, limited thoughts, beliefs and perceptions to see clearly the solutions that lay directly in front of us. Just like the sun on a normal day is never too far away, I equally believe hope and a solution is never too far away, sometimes we just need to rise above the clouds of our limited perceptions to seek clarity.

I believe EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS EITHER A LESSON OR A BLESSING and that Jesus/God and the universe is always supporting us. I am of the view that “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you” – Jim Carrey. To me, life is all about learning and growing and at any one time we are presented with two choices: evolve or repeat. Also as Tony Robbins quotes, “there is no failure, only feedback”. To add to this, the quote, “people come into our life for either a season, a reason or a lifetime”. In other words, from the spiritual persepctive, I believe there are no cooincidences and nothnig happens by chance. I believe there is meaning and higher reason behind everything and everyone we encounter in life and that there is no need to worry if your in the wrong place, too early or too late as long as you trust in God you are always exactly where you are meant to be and exactly on time for your souls evolution and growth.

I believe as adults WE ARE EACH RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR EXPERIENCES AND NOONE IS TO BLAME. Of course, as children the adults in our life were responsible for us, but as adults, I believe we are responsible for how we show up in life and for our own growth and healing. I believe we need to take personal accountabilty and ownership for the results we do or don’t achieve in life so to step into our personal power. I believe in the law of cause and effect – in other words, what we give out we get back, or another way of saying this is, we reap what we sow. Therefore, personal responsibility entails always looking inwards to how we contributed to a any given situation or outcome, good or percieved bad. We need to come to the inner-realisation and with radical self-honesty to admit that we create our realities through our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours and the positive or negaitive self-talk and outlook we have on life. We fail to learn, grow and prosper if all we do is blame. I believe that to fully transform inside-out in mind, body and soul we need to stop pointing the finger “out there” and look inside at how we, ourselves, contribute to each situation we find ourselves in, even if it’s just that we realise we are entertaining behaviour or situations not favourable to us. The choise is always ours whether we continue to “put up” with our situation or take resposibibility to learn, grow and move on, by asking ourselves why we keep “allowing” unfavourable situations that don’t serve our highest good to go on. As the saying goes, “we may have no control over who we attract, but we do have control over who we entertain” -unknown

-I believe there is power in embracing femininity in all its beauty – softness, feeling and expressing emotions, vulnerability (with the use of loving discernment and boundaries), creativity, nuturing warmth and care, and I believe kindness is the biggest strength.

– I believe healing happens when we are made to feel safe enough to be out true authentic selves, are loved right (unconditionally) and able to to FEEL and express our emotions (without others judging, shaming, or minimising our feelings, values, what’s important to us and internal experiences). I believe self-love, self-acceptance and self-approval alonsgide knowing ourselves and our purpose is the key to happiness and fulfillment in work, life and relationships due to the amount of energy it takes to be someone we are not.


– I believe in FLOW AND ALIGNMENT opposed to our “force and hustle” culture, or said differently, “hustle and grind” culture that is all about “grinding to make ends meat”. You only need to repeat out loud the two different statements and become aware of the words used and how they make you feel to get a clue for how off they feel. Ultimately, I believe in attracting and becoming in alignment with what we want in our life rather than chasing and hustling for what is often not for our highest good otherwise it wouldn’t be running away from us in the first place that we have to chase! I believe we attract better when we become better and life ultimately becomes easier when we learn to surrender to who we really are, embrace our authenticity and accept that what’s truly for us and meant for us, people and opportunities, won’t pass us by.

-I believe the small things in life are really the big things and that often we lack gratitude and perspective to see the true blessings that are right in front of us. As the saying goes, “Enjoy the little things in life as one day you will look back and realise they were the big things” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr

– I believe nothing changes if nothing changes and the key to changing your life and circumstances is through personal development, healing and mindset work and for me personally spiritual nourishment through faith in Jesus/God and I live by the quote “that you will be the same person in 5 years as you are today except for people you meet and books you read” – Charlie Tremedous Jones

– I believe that the BEST INVESTMENT is the investment you make in your current and future self and this goes for time, energy and money. When you invest in yourself you are inwarding conveying to youself that you are deserving and important of putting yourself first and that you value yourself and needs as a priority, and therefore you value investing in your mindset, emotional wellbeing, mental health, abilities, skills, goals and dreams which pays off in dividends unlike any other investment out as “so within, so without” meaning that what you cultivate within is what you will recieve extrenally. Investing in yourself and your own personal growth and personal development is a life insurance against peace of mind which in my view is priceless. You’re also investing in your happiness, wellbeing and future as you can’t buy time back but money can buy you time by learning what you need now, not when its too late.

I believe in commitment and working towards long term sustainable results over quick bandaid fixes and short term gratification. I appreciate and believe that anything truly worthwhile having requires effort, dedication and consistency and that the rewards far outweigh the short-term inconveniences and discomfort of temporary pain for long term gain. I believe we choose our hard and pain, the hard and pain of staying stuck, stagnant and “just surviving” often with regrets, should haves and would of beens or the hard of stepping out of our comfort zones and moving forward, making progress and thriving

I believe we all crave meaning, purpose and productivity in our lives and to make a positive contribution to society, however small or insignificaant we think our contributions to be and be them to our family, circle of friends, commununity or society at large. I also believe that deep down we know there is more to life than just going through the motions. I believe in continually striving to become and be more, not from a place of ego but from a place of spiritual evolution and being of service to others to create positive change.

I believe we need to FEEL TO HEAL and the reason we silently struggle and inwardly suffer so much and lack self-love, self-esteem and high level confidence is because we are not connecting to, embracing and leaning into deeply feeling our emotions. Thus we try to suppress the real parts of who we are in order to fit in and please others, the least of all pleasing ourselves as we are hurting. I believe when we release limiting beliefs around allowing ourselves to feel, like “emotions make you weak” and realise the truth which is feeling, processing and releasing pent up emotions make you strong and brings you clarity and freedom, that’s when we heal.

I believe in SELF-EMPOWERNEMENT AND THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK ARE WITHIN YOU. I believe deep down you know the answers to all the problems you have, you just need to get better or seek support to organise the filing cabinets of your mind so you can “join the dots” on what you already know. I believe that for every question, no matter how hard it is to find, THERE IS ALWAYS AN ANSWER and I agree with motovational speaker Tony Robbins view and quote that THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE IS SHAPED BY THE QUALITY OF QUESTIONS YOU ASK YOURSELF. Further explained, some answers just require more digging and work to find but with resourcefulness, belief and dedication they can be found, the only caveat is unless God says permits otherwise. In short, I believe for every problem that exists there is a solution, however I agree with the Albert Einstein quote, “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. I also believe that when we ask better and more meaningful questions we get better and more meaninful anwers and life results. I believe too that emotional and creative intelligence is just as important, if not more so, than intellectual intelligence.

I believe no matter your upbringing and circumstances if you have the desire, willpower, dedication, commitment and resourecfulness, it is very possible that YOU CAN TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND and totally transform your mindset and life, even if you don’t know how. I believe women are smart and capable to be able to figure things out, on their own or with support, when they connect to their depper knowing that when they put their mind to it and believe in their own potential, they can achieve anything.

I also believe that with higher perspective, awareness and desire YOU CAN TURN YOUR PAIN INTO YOUR PURPOSE if you embrace faith in Jesus/God, a growth mindset, out of the box thinking (ie unconventional) thinking, commit to healing and learning from your past, learn to love, accept and approve of yourself, have a vision for your life, maintain self-belief and dicipline, become committed and resourceful to taking the necessary daily action steps towards your goals and dreams and continue to believe and plod on even in the harder and more challenging times when you feel like giving up. To me, it’s the overcoming of challenges that builds character and resilience and as we all know the saying ” nothing worth having comes easy” – Theodore Roosevelt and “diamonds are made under pressure, but never forget, they are not formed overnight” – -unknown

I believe WE ALL HAVE UNIQUE STRENGTHS, GIFTS, ABILITIES, SKILLS AND TALENTS. I also believe that the reason most people don’t recognise their special qualities and gifts is because they come so natural to them that they think they come natural to everyone else when they don’t. I also believe it is not selfish to pursue our gifts and talents like many would have us believe, instead I believe it is selfish not to, as the world needs exactly what you, and only you, can offer. To put things into perspective, there is only one person on this plantet like you with your personality, touch, experiences and perspectives unique to you that can contribute what only you have.

I believe WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE. I believe we find our purpose when we take the time to discover ourselves and more so, our gifts and then share our gifts with the world. As the famous and late painter Pablo Picasso is noted for saying, “The meaning of life is to find our gift. The purpose of life, is to give it away.” I also believe that each and everyones purpose is different, some small and some big, but all significant just the same. I agree with the quote, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love”. I also believe that we can have more than one purpose, that our purpose can involve making many small marks on the world. I also believe that our purpose is not simply tied to only tangible gifts but also the intangible acts of a kind word, smile to a stranger, being of emotional support to a frined, family member or partner etc The way I see it, we often underestimate the power and influnece we have over others and the true impact and significance we have in the world simly by being thoughtful, caring, loving and KIND.

I believe we either LIVE LIFE BY DESIGN OR BY DEFAULT. In other words, I believe we have a choice on how we live our lives by how we choose to show up for it. We can either choose to live an intentional life with meaning, direction and purpose or we can choose to live an unintentional life just settling for anything and everything that is handed and given to us. So much of our behavious and the actions we take are habitual and unconscious and on autopilot, therefore, we do  not take the time and effort to bring awareness to our automatic tendencies, we will continue to stay the same and not make progress in the areas of life that we desire. I believe we can create a life on our own terms with the right mindset – an empowered and conscious mindset. that is aware.

I believe ADDICTIONS REPRESENT TRYING TO ESCAPE UNACKNOWLEDGED PAIN. As Gabor Mate says, “not why the addiction, but why the pain?”. Addictions and bad habits like over-drinking, over-eating, smoking and drugs and much of the so called labelled “bad behaviour” that society shames, blames and judges us for is due to unacknowledged and unhealed pain. I believe too, that for the most part, always being exceptions of course, that “hurt people, hurt people”. I believe most people with self-hearming habits need more love, compassion and healing not shaming, blaming and critisising as I believe it’s these exact things that they have been doing to themselves over the years that have lead them to the addiction in the first place. I believe people are simply trying to escape their pain through their addictions because they don’t know where to put it. They simply don’t have the inner tools and resources to be able to help themselves in a healthier and more productive way. Furthermore, I believe many people are simply trying to fill an innner-void for the lack of their real needs ever been met and are silently struggling despite any outer appearences suggesting otherwise and deep down are in great need of being truly seen, heard, loved, valued and appreciated for exactly who they are. I believe people more understanding, patience, love, compassion and nuturing.

I believe YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR FUTURE, but the choices you decide to make today does. I believe though learning to forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes, we can see our past as a lesson not a life sentence. I believe no matter what unfavourable circumstances you endured as a child or growing up, if your vision for your life, self-belief and drive is strong enough, you can become whoever you want to be.

I believe GOD DOESN’T CALL THE QUALIFIED, HE QUALIFIES THE CALLED. In other words, I believe that if you feel a constant niggle to do something with your life and have desires upon your heart that just won’t leave you, then that’s because you are meant to pursue them. I believe that if you feel that strong pull to do something, and that something is “calling you” to do it despite your fears and current circumstances, God will make a way for you and if you lean in to faith and let god direct your steps and meet him half way, you will realise that God has already equipped you with everything you need to pursure your purpose and higher calling, as long as it also glorifies him.

I believe that in any given moment, EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN WITH WHAT THEY HAVE, OTHERWISE THEY WOULD DO BETTER. Unlike the lack of “material resources” which we can clearly see evidence of someone not having access to, we can often fail to recognise the lack of  “internal resources” someone has access to and thus make assumptions about what their behaviour means towards us and take it personally whereas it’s often nothing personal and to do with us. We can also unfairly judge another person not realising that everyone was brought up with the same access to inner mindset tools and life success strategies that we talke for granted. Therefore it is under this understanding that I believe we should hold more space and grace for others and realise that people are not their behaviour, most people are simply trying to cope and survive the best way they know how, even if their best doesn’t meet our expectations of the best.  I also believe that we should forgive ourselves for what we know now but didn’t know then as how were we meant to know if we were never taught? I believe we should have love, compassion and kindness for our younger selves and speak to ourselves lovingly as we would a child, remembering that “to be old and wise, we first had to be young and stupid”. -unknown

I believe TO MEET AND LIVE OUT THE REAL YOU IS THE GREATEST PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT AND ACT OF COURAGE. I believe this to be the case as most people are stuck in people pleasing and external validation, keeping up with joneses and trying to meet the expectations of others, often people they don’t even like and to their own personal misery, and demise. So many people live with reget, realising too late and often at their deathbed that “the people that matter don’t mind and the people that mind, don’t matter” – Dr Seuss In other words, many people live their lives putting on a show and performance rather than living true to their core vision, values and purpose for their life. They are scared to fail and step out of their comfort zone. They are scared to face themselves and be alone with their shadows and get out of their own way. Yet the secret as I see to true living and really thriving opposed to just surviving is learning to fully love, accept and approve of one self and know themselves at a deep level that they have achieved inner peace, harmony, stability and balance within.  It takes an incredible amount of the time, introspection, reflection, effort, dicipline and dedication to “know thy self” and to that which I think it should be commended and applauded and seen for the great personal achievement that it truly is. 

I believe TRANSFORMATIONAL, EMPOWERED THINKING FREES YOU MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY. and strengthening your mind with real truths and real positivity not fake positivity which in my view is based on connecting to the “truth of who you are” (your authentic self) for the most part, frees you mentally, emotionally and physically and helps you reclaim back your personal power which I believe keeps you young, energetic and vibrant and is one of the pain pillars to inner-peace, happiness, fulfilment, purpose, self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately health, wellness and wellbeing.

I believe PEOPLE ARE A PRODUCT OF THEIR CHILDHOOD CONDITIONING, UPBRINGING AND ENVIRONMENT. I also believe that as children our natural state is peace, joy, happiness, fulfilment, intelligence, creativity, purpose, self-esteem and confidence and that we have simply forgotten who we are therefore it’s not so much about coming anything but returning home to who we already are and always have been but have temporarily forgotten growing up and navigating adulthood. I believe this is due to many parents albeit well meaningly wanting their kids to be anything when they grow up except for who they really are simply because they don’t understand their way of thinking and understanding the world. This quote further goes to explain this issue: “children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead The pathway to becoming the best and realest version of ourselves comes down to not so much learning anything new, but more so, unlearning everything that we are not (and never truly have been), reclaiming back our true identity and authentic self. I believe peace, happiness, love, confidence and joy is our natural state because as children we were born that way before our parents and the world told us who we “should be” and as adults we need to return to that.

I believe that WHAT YOU SEEK, IS ALSO SEEKING YOU. In other words, I believe everything is energy and like attracts like. The key is just matching the vibrational frequency of the thing that you want. As the saying goes, “you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you already are” –  Wayne W Dyer. (The exception to this, is sometimes you also attract people that are in desperate need of who you already are, so it is learning discernment). Furthermore, I believe that to up our frequency and vibration, to do this we must do the “inner-work” to heal, because it’s only when we release the burdens that weigh us down that we can become light enough to have the extra energy needed to raise our frequency and be in alignment with our desires.


It's time to step into the woman you were destined to be.. (and truly are!)

Stop waiting to be “chosen” and instead.. take your power back. Remember who you are and “CHOOSE YOU”. The moment you decide to fully commit to yourself, what you need and want out of life, is the moment your self-love and self-worth journey truly begins.

When you choose to take responsibility for your own happiness and take the neccessary action steps to get you there and not rely on anyone else, that’s when you become a high value and empowered woman (aka a woman with healthy high self-esteem that is unapologetically CONFIDENT in herself as she knows her worth!)

So decide NOW to do something that which your future self will thank you for and stop putting off for tomorrow what could be done today!

Choose to stop procrastinating, decide to put in the “inner-work” and start taking inspired and aligned action towards your most authentic and BEST SELF and achieve your dream life and goals! Here’s to NO REGRETS!!

You deserve to be as happy, fulfilled in life and at peace as anyone else.

Why not you?


 C’mon let’s go on an EPIC “inner-adventure” together!


YES? Then let’s get you “mentally unstuck” and Confidently Happy, shall we?!





This exclusive high-level 1:1 program is for the kind hearted and ambitious woman who is fully ready to ditch the overwhelm, overthinking, self-sabotage and self-doubt and go   “all in” on her mindset and healing her relationship with herself at a comprehensive and integrated holistic mind-body level in order to claim her High Confidence Mindset.

This is a bespoke and tailored, highly personalised program, matched to your exact needs and goals. If you are looking for a high level of support and accountability, and looking to achieve BIG RESULTS fast, this is it!

This program is for the woman who is ready to not just take baby steps but LEAP into her “next level & true identity” (AUTHENTIC BEST SELF) by working with her subconscious mind to release limiting beliefs, past hurts and traumas at a deep-rooted level.

For the woman that intuitively knows that to step up her mental game and TRULY BECOME CONFIDENT (and happy) she must let go of everything that she is truly not to reclaim back her power (her AUTHENTIC SELF) and thus understands it will take work (and courage) but the rewards will far outweight the effort, which her future self will thank her for!!

HEYRENEY Signature GROUP Program
- Authenticity
Accelerator -


Ready to Accelerate your path of self-discovery, self-love and High Level Self-Esteem and Confidence via practical knowledge and steps you can apply TODAY while learning from other like-minded women and making new friends in a supportive & collaborative group environment?

Ready to save yourself YEARS of potentially wasted time, money, energy, resources, opportunities and relationships “trying to find yourself” and doing it all “lost and alone?”

This is the program for you if you want a CLEAR and structured PATH to follow with exercises to discover and step into your most Authentic and CONFIDENT next-level life and self, and prefer a more talk-based, future focussed coaching and mentoring experience that is more collaborative, strategic and practical in nature.

This is a standalone program however it is also the next step for those who have completed Highly Confident You and want to grow deeper in their healing, self-discovery and understanding of themselves with more real-life application tools while taking further action on their goals, dreams and desires.

To make clear; whereas Highly Confident You works more with the subconscious mind and unlearning everything you are not, as to become more mentally and emotionally free and lighter; Authenticity Accelerator works on the opposite spectrum working with the conscious rational mind, helping you to build upon your current level of SELF, to help you fully connect with, embrace and grow into all parts of who you really are.


This flexible and personal program is for the woman looking for regular support and guidance on topics she wants to talk about around her self-esteem and confidence impacting and affecting her life at the time.

This program is also for the woman that seeks clarity on her purpose and career direction, or needs support in gaining clarity on which steps to take next, or simply needs a plan, support, encouragment and accountability.

This program unlike the progarm HIGHLY CONFIDENT YOU does not work to a set framework but a tailored approach, bespoke to you and your goals. We work soley on the level of the conscious mind.

This program is perfect for you if you’re simply needing someone to talk to and bounce off that will hold a compassionate ear and safe, non-judgemental and loving space for you to get stuff off your chest in order to seek mental rejuvenation, hope and clarity moving forward. Or simply someone to provide clarity, strength, motivation, feedback and accountability moving forward towards your ambitions and goals.

If you are looking for someone that you can trust and be your true unfiltered raw self with and also a person you can explore your thoughts, emotions, goals and biggest dreams with that will be your biggest cheerleader and believe and support you all the way, then this is the option for you.

"You will never regret being Kind"

Together we will work things out ..


If you are looking for uplifting and inspiring personal mindset and confidence support and expertise which is tailored to meet you where you’re currently at every single session (without following a set structured program but instead moving “in flow” with your immediate needs, energy and challenges), then this is the program for you.

This program is also for you if you are looking for a kind, empathetic, trustworthy and understanding female coach that you can laugh and cry with, that is strongly developed in her intuition and guided by her faith in God, that brings both the practical and spiritual tools into the mix, alongside a holistic – mind.body.soul – approach to coaching. 

"Renee is a wise and genuine soul! I thoroughly enjoyed our work together"

A joy to interact with, Renee was skilled at holding space for me during our sessions. During our work together, she helped me uncover some blocks and limiting beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had. I enjoyed her spirit, genuine care for me, and wise insight!

Self doubt and overwhelm regarding my business and money management were the main issues I was seeking support with. Before Renee, I had tried coaching, praying, time line therapy – it’s a journey. Renee helped me have a break through around money and my dad that I didn’t realize was there and I really just enjoyed Renee’s whole vibe!

I looked forward to our sessions. I highly recommend working with her.

Anyone needing help breaking through their blocks and unravelling old patterns to find their inner power and potential would benefit from coaching with Renee.

Janis G

"What I appreciated about Renee
was her perspective"

I know a lot of sayings, but when Renee explains it, my mind is blown because she brings a new way of looking at things that I would’ve never thought of.

Before Renee’s coaching I was struggling with confidence & self-doubt and had tried positive thinking, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem or allow me to feel my negative emotions. It just covers it. Which is very unhealthy. How I see things (my perspective) isn’t always the truth. Now after Renee’s coaching when I have negative thoughts, I always ask myself “but is that the truth though?”

Honestly, anybody willing would benefit from working with Renee. We’re all dealing with something, and we could all use a little help. You won’t regret it. If you are consistent with what she says, you WILL see change in your life. Prior to working with you, I never knew how simple it really all is. We’re fed with so much info, and new ways/tactics to do things (it’s overwhelming at times) that we forget how simple it all is. I was struggling with confidence and self-doubt, and still do at times, but not nearly as much as before.

B Ajang

"I learned more in one of your sessions about myself than one year with a psychologist"

It’s amazing how much I learned about myself in a couple of sessions! I found them incredibly insightful and felt I made great progress in my personal growth.

Renee is so patient, caring and understanding and I was so comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. I really appreciate the compassion, support and understanding of how I was feeling and what I was going through. I also feel comfortable and in a safe space being able to share any previous traumas or issues that I needed to heal.

I was going through a depressive episode as well as anxiety. I felt stuck and unsure how to feel better. After our sessions I felt so much better and realised a lot of it came from my childhood. You helped me go through those events again to be able heal from them. I had tried many psychologists! I would feel better for a while but eventually would go back to being depressed.

Coaching with Renee I was able to see situations that happened to me differently and in a more positive way. It made me realise why I was feeling that way and the meditations we did were so healing and allowed me to express my blocked emotions. Anyone that wants to identify limiting thoughts and beliefs, heal traumas, recover from depression/anxiety, and overall feel better and be a better version of themselves would benefit from working with her.

If you are looking for a different but very effective approach to healing, then definitely think about coaching with Renee. I was so impressed by how much we covered in one session and how much it helped me see things differently. Your approach to healing is incredibly accurate. I look forward to continuing my healing journey!

Isabel G

learn the practical tools to achieve high Confidence


Looking to get confident with other likeminded and amazing ladies, make new friends and have a laugh along the way? Then group coaching may be your answer! Think of it like a girls weekly catchup! Yup, you guessed it, loads of fun and learning, plus workshoping, and something to look forward to!

Set up in such a way that the healing and mindset shifts occur through the “group container” whereby exercises are completed each week and then discussion and coaching happens within the weekly sessions. The beauty of the group format is that not only do you get personal coaching and access to me to ask anything you like, you also get fabulous learnings and growth from the other group participants.

So if you are looking for a structured and practical “group coaching” program that takes you step by step on how to build deep and solid inner self-confidence and self-love, and authenticity from the ground up, and gives you the tools you need to apply right now to your own life, alongside real life examples and group support, then this is the program for you.

This program is designed from my heart and based on all the main things that I have learnt that has helped me succeed on my journey to healing, happiness, my purpose, a peaceful mind and stepping into my full, free, confident and authentic self. Lucky for you, you get amazing women cheerleaders too!

In short, this program details the ins and outs of all the main lessons, tips and tricks I wish I knew when I was younger (back when feeling directionless, lost, stuck, unhappy and confused) and provides you with the practical and spiritual insights and lessons that helped transform my inner and outer mindset and life around with the hope of helping you do the same.

It truly is my mission to help women get back to the core of who they really are so they can finally reconnect to the deep inner peace, happiness and fulfilment they deserve and live their lives with purpose, meaning, emotional freedom and joy.

To learn even more about this program, click the button below and then get yourself on the “WAITLIST” for VIP access for when the next spots become open and available! It’s an experience you don’t want to miss! Look forward to seeing you there!


“In order to change the world, you must first change yourself”  

— Mohandas Gandhi

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away"

-- Pablo Picasso

Meet your Mindset and Life coach

Hi, I'm Renee -
nice to meet you!

If you have landed on my website then I believe it is by no accident that we have connected. I am a firm believer that people are put on our path for a reason, and I hope to be the reason you finally step into THE REAL, HAPPIEST YOU.

I am a certified Mindset and Life Coach, as well as NLP Practitioner and Root Cause Therapist dedidcated to empowering women, like you, to get “mentally unstuck” and “out of their own way”, to become happy, free and HIGHLY CONFIDENT.

Empowering and supporting incredible women to step into their full authenticy, potential and power is my lifes work, and nothing sees me more fulfilled than seeing women step of self-doubt and into their TRUE CONFIDENCE. I believe we were all BORN TO SHINE, and that we all have gifts to share with the world, but in order to discover and release those gifts we first need to remove all the “inner-obstacles” holding us back from our true path and purpose. I also believe this is our responsibility to do this not just for ourselves but for the betterment of our own communities and the world we live in. It is only in taking responsibility for my own healing and happiness, to become confident, that I am now able to share my gifts with you.

My Mission:

To help women get “mentally unstuck” and reconnect back to their authenticity,

inner-peace and happiness so to build high esteem and feel Highly Self-Confident.

I am here to remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH, “you have always been enough” and that despite what others may have told you, and what you may currently believe, at your core, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

It is often the notion of “there is something wrong with me” when there isn’t, which is the biggest obstacle!


I truly believe that becoming confident in who you are from the core of your being, which to me means being rooted in authenticity, being healed and “at home with yourself” has the potential to SAVE LIVES – the lives we fail to live if we keep letting fear and self-doubt override our real goals, dreams and aspirations, keeping us stuck going around in circles and cycles of despair in “I’m just surviving” mode.


– Oscar Wilde

I am here to help women transform their mindset, feel better about themselves (raise their self-esteem), find meaning and significance in their lives, realise their natural strengths, gifts and talents and to support them to finally pursue their goals and dreams, fulfil their ultimate potential and feel happy, confident and fulfilled.

ULTIMATELY, the big “WHY” behind everything I do is to help guide others to:


 (true confidence to me means to lessen and alleviate their inner-turmoil and suffering, let go of their past limiting beliefs and hurts and find more meaning and significance in their lives),


(to reclaim back their happiness and personal power)


 (bringing to light people’s natural gifts, strengths and talents needed to be shared with the world)

I help women gain CLARITY on their career calling and life direction.

 “No one is you, and that is your power” – Dave Grohl

I provide CLARITY & INSPIRATION with the end goal being life fulfilment, INNER-PEACE and HAPPINESS!

I HELP WOMEN go from “surviving” to THRIVING and finally “FEELING ALIVE”

In a nutshell, my mission is to help you turn your PAIN INTO PERSONAL POWER & PURPOSE

 From a mental health standpoint, I also believe that developing true inner-confidence and learning to harness the power of the mind by utilising a higher level of thinking utilsing more “mindset tools” we can then become more “mentally equipped” (aka resilient) to be able to handle whatever is thrown our way (rather than sink into despair not knowing how to cope). With mindset tools and deeper understanding, higher perspectives and awareness, the more we are able to learn that we are in “control of our thoughts and minds” opposed to the opposite belief, feeling our thoughts control us, the more empowered we are and to me, this shift can be “life saving” in times of need. Or at very least, the quality of our lives and happiness levels is greatly increased.


I take a holistic (mind.body.soul) and intergrated approach to coaching women through inner-transformation as I believe it produces more substantial and longer lasting results. As much as I recognise the power of the mind and encourage learning mindset tools to empower us, I also think its important to address the emotional, physical and spiritual level of a person too, as to acknowledge the person as a whole. I believe, only when we are aligned in mind, body and soul, do we truly flourish.

From this holistic perspective which includes the spiritual component, I also operate, support and encourage clients from a state of flow and flexibility of thinking, not the more traditional and common practice and approach of force and rigid thinking where change is looked at purely from the cognitive level, not the emotional or spiritiual level and from a place of the client having to inforce their willpower. Most people are already rigid in their thinking and get stuck in their own head therefore I don’t believe using a rigid one way or the highway approach to change work or coaching is very helpful! I help clients to surrender, change, grow and evolve in a way that feels comfortable, enjoyable and natural to them!

What do I mean by this? Well, basically, as I see it, many professionals that aid people with changing their minds and lives around for the better work only on the surface level of the mind where they use what I refer to as the “swimming against the current” approach to change work. This approach, albeit well meaning, requires clients to “will” their way to results and success, and we all know how long will-power lasts, not very long! So basically the tools they offer their clients require a lot of unnecessary work and energy that only gets them short term results and bandaid fixes, if any, and only serves to manage behaviours and symptoms and make us feel good rather than offer any real tangible and lasting change.

An example of this would be teaching someone “mind distraction tools” for when they wake up during the night struggling from insomnia which may help relieve them of the stress of not sleeping for the client to some degree and help them get back to sleep after doing the activity which helps ease them hence makes them feel a bit better, however the activity in itself does nothing to address the root cause of where the insomnia comes from which looked into more deeply might be linked to unresolves deeper issues and problems that once addressed would give no need for such distracting activities as the insmomnia would no longer be an issue in the first place. If we were to get more curious and look into the insomnia we might realise that the problem isn’t actually the problem itself, that being the insomnia (the surface level problem which many people address) but the actual problem being the overthinking and anxiety gone unchecked due to unresolved deeper issues and worries not talked about and fully processed. See the difference?

 To me, this common approach to mindset and behavioural change only furthers to disempower the client as the tools and processes they have been given don’t offer any tangible real benefits and results, only temporary bandaid “feel good” fixes and the promises are weak, like “this will help you manage your symptoms” and therefore doesn’t give the client much hope, doesn’t inspire them to put in much effort as the rewards seem bleak and uninspiring and not only that, they are set up for failure, as approaching change from a place of having to force ourselves to think to a certain way when we don’t believe it (using reframing to tell ourselves we are confident when we don’t feel like it) and to stop unhealthy behaviours that give us comfort and relief despite not being good for us (hello over-eating and oversleeping) only promotes self-blame and guilt as noone has will power all the time, and the unhealthy behaviours we use as a crutch ultimately serve us at some level and now they’re been taken away. To me, this approach really is not condusive to real change and although may work for some people that are highly diciplined with lots of will power and may offer initial but fleeting “feel good affects”, the average person naturally struggles with willpower and internal resistance on a consistent basis, as is human nature, and it takes up so much energy and ultimtately this approach doesn’t address the underlying causes that lead to people to need will power in the first place and I believe furthers to errode people’s self-esteem and confidence.

So how does my approach differ? I aim to address issues AT THE ROOT CAUSE. I use the change work approach of “least resistance”, meaning I don’t get clients to try and change from a place of force and will power. Instead, I prefer to help support clients to change from a place of genuine DESIRE and from a place of FLOW that comes natural for them. In other words, I utilise the “flow with the current, downstream” approach to coaching. What this means is that I support you to find the answers within that address the root cause of your issues and behaviours that are not serving you so can naturally let go of the behaviours, bad habits and behavioural symptoms like anxiety, overthinking and overwhelm that no longer serve you. Therefore because you have now addressed the “root cause” there is no need to manage any symptoms or unwanted behaviours because essentially what you have done is recognised and addressed you deeeper, unmet needs. Just like not needing that 3pm “sugar fix” anymore when you have recognised and addressed the fact that you are sleep deprived and perhaps forgotten to eat your breakfast or enough proper substantial food throughout the day, the same philosophy apply’s when you learn to recognise and address what real mental and emotional nourishment you need at a deeper level of your being so you no longer crave those unhealthy habits and exibit those unwanted ways of being. So I guess you could say, my way of coaching is nuturing as much as it is nourishing from the inside out!

Personal experience from my own inner-healing and inner-transformation journey is also at the core of my coaching method and philosophy. I incorporate my own insights, stories and lessons derived from my own life and walk in faith with God that are uniquely mine and not to be found anywhere else. Personally, I didn’t have any of the tools and resources I use with my clients today, and although I do use and see them as valuable, I don’t believe it is the tools in themselves that are the winning formula. I believe it is God and faith in him that has shown me the way. Essentially, opening up to love, to me, is the answer.

I also believe being an EMBODIED EXAMPLE of transformed and higher level thinking with positive energy having healed my own relationship with myself from the inside out sets me apart as a coach too. I know what it feels like to struggle with negative thoughts, a victim and disempowered mindset and low self-worth, self-esteem and confidence and yet I have committed to peronal growth and working on myself and have come out the other end more confident, at peace within, sure of myself and happier than ever. I put in the hard yards, fought the inner battles, changed my self-concept and world view and embraced myself and my authenticity at my core. I finally learnt to love, accept and approve of myself exaclt as I am and to say its freeing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is an understatement! 

I believe a  coach can have all the credentials, tools and resources and yet only be able to help from the “intellectual” level and not on the deeper emotional and spiritual level, if they havn’t undergone the inner-journey and walk by faith themselves. I believe the level of someones own inner transformation and ability to support you comes across in their “energy” hence why you may go to see a “professional” with all the tools and yet for some reason you just don’t feel comfortable. In my oppinion, this is because the person is most likely “book smart” but has not integrated the learnings fully within, therefore they can’t fully hold space for you at a deep “embodied” level, nor relate. They are simply not fully aligned in their own energy. This may also point to why some people of support may come across as “cold”, they have the intellectual capacity to help you with all the credentials, tools and modalities in the toolbox but nothing deeper.

I believe it is also “my energy” and “warmth”, and ability to be compassionate, that sets me apart. As I see it, many coaches and professionals appear to lack the “warmth” of deeper understanding, unconditional love and compassion. They use “tools” as a means to an end rather that seeing and honouring the person as a whole. In other words you don’t feel comfortable in their energy because they are not yet fully aligned in their own energy. Because someone who is fully aligned in their own energy will have the ability to make you feel “comfortable and safe” and it is only when we feel “comfortable and safe”, in my oppinion, can true inner-healing, higher level more positive thinking and inner-transformation occur.

My approach to coaching and helping ambitious millenial women tranform their mindsets and lives is also unique in that I specialise in not just the typical and what I consider surface level “positive thinking” and cognitive only type of change work that most coaches use and have been taught in coaching school. Instead I take a more holistic, broader and deeper approach that is as much emotional based as it is cognitive based for what I consider to be a more balanced and well rounded approach as I see the emotional component being one of the most crucial yet unrecognised and undervalued aspects of deep change work and lasting results that is missing in most coaching and change work programs. I believe this is why so many people still get “stuck in their head” even after seeking help because they lack the balance and true results that lessens and often alleviates overthinking that comes with connection to the heart and their emotions which the brain processes and releases as feelings. I take an innovative approach to my work, equally focussing on the value of both the cognitive and the emotional aspects of a person, so to help people achieve a sense of reflief, aliveness and well-being.

I also infuse my faith, spirituality and life experiences with the cognitive behavioural and positive psychology principles I incorporate into my mindset and life coaching which provides you with a rare and heightened perspective that you won’t find elsewhere. I pride myself on offering a very unique coaching approach and style in that I offer more than just the standard and typical coaching that you can find anywhere, instead providing an unconventional and innovative, creative problem solving approach that includes higher level spiritual perspective and encourages out of the box thinking.As a coach, I know I can help you reach deeper levels of awareness and personal growth as I am already able to and have done this for myself. As the saying goes, “people can only meet you as deeply as you have met yourself” – Matt Kahn.

To add to this, I continually UPLEVEL my own self and do the “inner-work” on a daily basis by means of reading, praying, meditating, journalling etc to grow. Because I am so passionate about mindset work and life coaching I am also extremely dedicated to always learning and expanding my knowledge and resources as I love what I do and have an innate curiosity and facination to always be learning and expanding more around personal growth, mindset, spirituality, human behaviour and human potential.

Furthermore, I am not here to work out “how to fix you” but rather guide you to see for yourself, that what you have been told or considered to be “wrong with you” is usually misinformed or underlying “unmet and unrecognised needs”. When we bring “awareness” to these unmet and often suppressed needs, and begin to finally accept and see ourselves worthy of having our deeper needs met, its through this process of understanding and acceptance of self, finally getting to “the truth” of who we really are, that we are able to learn to love ourselves and step into our true authenticity and High Level Confidence!

My approach to coaching also sees that the relationship is of equal merit. I work with you as a team. Unlike some professional help you may seek where you may feel inferior to the person you are seeing and them higher above you as superiour with all encompassing knowldge and power, I see this client-professional dynamic as disempowering and detrimental to clients sense of personal powerm confidence and self-esteem as is assumes that the professional knows more than you and holds all the knowledge and power which I disagree and don’t believe to be true. As professional as my services are, I see myself as your equal and I don’t pretend or claim to have all the answers as I don’t believe anyone does and realistically that is an incredibly big stretch and high standard to put on or expect from anyone. What I believe and know to be true, and how I approach work with clients is from a place of equal stance and I believe that you are smart and capable and have the answers you seek and I am simply there to help guide you. And for the times when you don’t have the answers, I’ll be there to work with you as a team to brain storm get creative and resourceful and to work alongside you to find them!

Following on from the above, what I find sets me apart from most other coaches and change work professionals as I have been intentional about is my ability to make the complex simple. As I have noted and seen many people got sucked in mistakenly fal for with others help they have sought, is that they and got sucked in with all the complexity and jargon speak of other professionals they saw above them. Feeling slightly intimidated, overwhelmed and disempowered by how complex their problems sound to solve many people buy from people that “sound professional”  and “sound impressive” whereas the way I see it, TRUTH IS SIMPLE, so simple that people often fail to recognise it, hence complexity sells. Also due to peoples limiting beliefs and often not feeling smart enough or knowing how to trust themselves, they are often drawn to complex solutions as they blame themselves when they don’t understand someone not realising that often a sign of someone making something sound so complex just doesn’t really know what they are talking about in order to explain it in a more easily digestable way that you can understand.

Furthermore, my coaching aims to provide MASSIVE VALUE in terms of the amound of knowledge you recieve and the amount of time, heartache and hurt moving into the future  you will save in not having to make the same mistakes I made on my healing journey which I can forsee for you and see the big picture ahead because I have undergone the healing and mindset journey and transformation myself. It is very clear to me now that unless we remove certain limiting beliefs and patterns from conditioning from our childhood, release the hurts and resentments from our past and learn from our mistakes, behaviours and unproductive habits and ways of being that we will unconsciously repeat the same patterns of self-sabotage until we learn to embrace our past, our true authentic selves and what we need to learn. Therefore, in this knowing having found the way myself, I can show and guide you on the same path.

What also differentiates me and my coaching unlike many others is that you don’t need to guess, wonder and doubt if you are actually achieving results and making progress, and soley reply on the feedback of the coach telling you that you are making progress because you will be able to clearly see for youself! How? Easy! I have a few different processes and exercises in place that track and measure your results on a weekly basis and then at the end of your coaching program so you can get a full overview of just how much amazing progress you have made! No guesswork here! And as clients have reported, not only will you be able to see the results in tangible form, you will also be able to feel them via a lighter and happier mood and less overwhelm, overthinking, self-doubt, negative thoughts and self-sabotage.

As the saying goes when you fail to plan, you plan to fail – Benjamin Franklin

and, what gets measured gets managed – Peter Drucker.

Lastly, what sets me apart as a coach and makes my coaching different to anything you have ever tried before is the 5 star ‘memorable experience’ that I aim to provide. I don’t just provide coaching sessions I provide an immersive experience with every session you participate in. What does this look like? This looks different depending on the type of coaching you purchase but overall it encompasses enaging with you on all levels of mind, body and soul (the conscious, subconscious and superconscious levels) in a way that allows you to fully connect with youself on a deeper and more profound level so to access parts of yourself that have been laying dormant or you didn’t even know existed so to fully meet yourself and tap into your full authenticity, personality, gifts, talents and potential. This is a memorable experience and one to look forward to as despite the work involved, the insights and personal breakthroughs and revelations can be surprising, freeing and exciting as you learn and open up more to yourself. Why do I offer more immersive experiences? Because like the fastest way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the culture, and the same applies to inner-healing and learning to love, approve and accept yourself so you can build up your self-esteem and become highly confident, when you immerse yourself in an experience that involves more of you, you learn a new langauge – the language of your heart and soul, and ultimately your real, unapologetic, authentic self. Immersing yourself in a new language is fun! And I am all about creating memorable experiences that balances “being” with “doing”. I also aim to offer a 5 star experience because I believe you deserve 5 star treatment because you are a star!

The time is now to heal from the past, let go of everything holding you back and finally step into your most authentic self. In doing the “inner work” now and learning to “master your High Level Confidence Mindset” not only are you giving a gift to yourself in becoming more at peace with yourself and happier, but you are also giving a gift to everyone you meet by the example you set, by simply living true to you.   As the saying goes, “it is only from a full cup that we can fully give to others” – unknown.


Investing in healing and upleveling your mindset and realtionship with yourself is the most fruitful and rewarding investment, in my personal oppinion and experience, that you could ever make, which pays off in dividends – mentally, emotionally, phyically, spiritually and often financially (due to higher self-worth!)

You “set yourself up for success” in life and save yourself years of wasted potential and missed opportunities in trying to heal and get “mentally unstuck” without truly knowing how. You can also save yourself years of wasted time and energy invested into the wrong things and wrong people that make you miserable simply because you still hadn’t learnt to fully love and accept yourself, nor did you have the “mindset tools” to free yourself so to trust yourself and feel genuinely confident.

As you can see, the journey isn’t so much about learning a heap of new things (although undoubtedly you will :)) but more so about “unlearning” everything that you are not. It’s an exciting journey if your willing to explore the unknown and get curious about yourself and others.

And its worth it, if you consider that the number one biggest regret of the dying according to the book written by pallitive care worker Bronnie Ware called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” is:

 “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”.

Other regrets inlude:

 “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings” and..

“I wish that I had let myself be happier”.

Yes, it may feel more comfortable staying safe within the bounds of your discomfort and what you know, but remember, as humans we are not meant to stay the same, we are meant to evolve and grow! Like a ship that is safe in the harbour, that is not what it was built for! In other words, you are not meant to be the same person you were yesterday! So if it’s others people’s reaction you’re scared of, saying “you’ve changed” – take it as a compliment, because we are meant to! Darling girl, you’re meant to BLOOM!



“Fortune favours the brave” (latin proverb) as they say!

It’s about learning to fully love, embrace and accept yourself as you are, original and unique, and once you do, like I have, your whole outlook on life and what is in fact possible for you, changes.

When you learn to harness the power of your mind, your life transforms.

Committing to the inner jouney of mindset work unlocks mental and emotional freedom — 

this is where we find “peace of mind” and are able to tap into “flow and ease”.

I am here to remind you that no matter what others say, YOU CAN turn your life around, get yourself unstuck and achieve your dreams no matter your past. But it starts with you making the “choice” to commit to “inner-change”.

Others may have you believing different but don’t let their limiting beliefs deter you.

You can change, you just need to choose and commit to the process and journey.

And its not so much about “changing” in truth anyway, its about “returning home to yourself” – the REAL YOU – the you before the limitations, hurt and pain that had you doubting youself in the first place! Think about it, your not born doubting yourself and feeling unhappy, right? As a baby your natural “state of being” is confident, radiant, wonderment, curiosity and joy! Therefore, logic would have it, that any self-doubt and limitaions you now experience is something you must of “learnt and adopted” along the way!

You must first have the desire to change and then actually “choose” to commit to new ways of doing things and “being”. More so, you must “choose” to learn from your past and past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Then you can prosper from the learnings and let them elevate you!

When we learn we grow and when we grow we prosper!

Your past was there to serve you “lessons” to evolve you and elevate your success, not to be a life sentence! That is why if you look into the back stories of many noteable and famous artists, muscians, entrepreneurs etc you will see that many of them came from troublesome childhoods or rough circumstances yet despite it all, they learnt to overcome their minds with their internal obstacles – their doubts and their fears and everything holding them back, their biggest obstacle being themselves.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, they chose to “learn from their past” rather than sink in it and let it hold them back and instead built resilience and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to propel them into their dream life and future. Adopting empowering beliefs and what I know as personal truths, like “every experience is here to serve me” may be the catalyst you have been looking for.


“Growth is painful, change is painful,

but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong” – Mandy Hale

And as I have personally learnt, “everything you want is on the otherside of fear” – George Addair. It’s time to start “living” and if youre ready to embark on the journey, I will be with you every step of the way.

Work with me


Now ladies..this is the program you want to do if your ready to LEAP into inner mindset and confidence work at a DEEP and profound LIFE-CHANGING level. This program is tranformative in that you are guided through a results driven tested process that works to befriend your subconsious mind so to understand, help heal and step into your highest potential, next-level, REAL AUTHENTIC SELF.

Can you imagine how liberating this feels?!

This program will significantly aid you in getting in touch with your intuition, knowing what it feels like to trust yourself more, as well strengthening the relationship you have with yourself on a deep level.

You will learn from this program which truly is more of an “immersive experience” just how powerful your mind really is, and how powerful YOU are. It will most likely dawn on you, that you can “create” your life, and it all starts with your mind and thoughts!

Yup, it’s time to meet your NEXT LEVEL YOU!

Imagine having insights and realisations that totally transform your way of thinking and bring you clarity like never before. Imagine getting in touch with and nuturing your inner child and the parts of you you thought you lost or didn’t even realise existed? Imagine emotional freedom (finally!) and tapping into years of your own wisdom that has been laying dormant simply because you never knew how to access it? Well, now you do 😉 Exciting, right?

This program is for the bold and brave woman that is “fully ready and comitted” to letting go of her past and limiting beliefs and ready to face her inner-fears and everything holding her back so to step into her BEST LIFE and HIGH LEVEL CONFIDENCE. This program is for the woman ready to learn to forgive herself and others, looking to improve her mental health and love herself, and to align herself with her own truth, personal power and purpose. This program is for the woman that want’s to come into full alignment with her most AUTHENTIC SELF 🙂

Kind Words Received... My Heart is full <3